The basic laboratory infrastructure and machinery has been established by previous biotechnology-themed projects (project 3DHISTECH08: OM-00285/2008 "Development of integrated virtual microscopy technologies and reagents for diagnosis of colorectal cancer," AALMSRK project: OM-00193/2008 "Researching lifestyle-supporting patterns and organizing them into a specialist system for improvement of the quality of living at home") and industrial R & D cooperation with the guidance of Institute Director Dr. Nicholas Kozlovszky. The infrastructure being handed over is made up by two separate rooms (46m2, 49m2), and within these there are the following well separated research blocks and basic infrastructure.

Tissue lab block

• Tissue lab with room for 2: -80*C ultra-cold cooler, Class II Microbiological laminar box, cell / tissue incubator, 2 high-resolution microscope (1500-1600x, normal / dark field), haematological analyser, Water Distillers, ultrasonic cleaner, etc.

Hardware development block

• Digital hardware development infrastructure with room for 2: Development Systems (Microchip PIC, Arduino, rasberry pi), soldering iron, oscilloscope, etc.

Software development block

• Lab infrastructure with room for 13: PC / laptop, projector, software development supporting infrastructure (SVN, trouble ticketing systems, collaborative development tools, etc.).

Examination block

• A medical examination bed, sanitary facility, examination room equipped with infusion technology provides facilities for usage and testing of medical imaging and examination installation (for example: ultrasound, ECG, EEG, etc.).

Experimental block

• Rapid prototyping: 3D printer (FDM-based) & 3D scanner: polymer and gel-based printing capability
• Telemedicine / AAL sensors: ECG equipment, EEG equipment, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, weight gauges, GPS devices, peak flow meters, mobile / home data collectors, etc.
• 3D/2D motion analysis: motion sensor infrastructure, 4 Kinect for Windows, 8 Cricket sensors, ~ 60 QuietCare sensors, personal activity meter, 3-axis accelerometers

IT infrastructure

Biotech Lab has access to a variety of domestic and international supercomputing, grid and cloud infrastructures. It has a smaller GPU supported cluster infrastructure, which provides assistance for research and software development: 130 TB storage, switches, servers, remote server infrastructure along with local 2x47 U rack with proper cooling, this is linked to the desktop grid infrastructure (operated by the Biotechnology Laboratory) of Óbuda University.